# Plug Chain documentation

# Plug Chain Introduction

The Internet has already become an indispensable tool in people's lives. Many people have long been accustomed to obtaining the knowledge they need from the Internet, whether it is accurate or false. And in most cases, we will not judge the authenticity of the knowledge that the Internet brings to us, nor will we actively sort out the messy knowledge infusion. Data transmission all over the world has been very convenient, and at the same time, false news has also maintained a very high propagation speed. Nowadays, people urgently need to obtain real data quickly in the chaotic Internet world, and the same is true in the world of blockchain.

The blockchain industry has been developing for many years. Nowadays, from finance, product traceability, government affairs, people's livelihood to the construction of smart cities,etc, the technology application scenarios are continuously deepening and diversified, and they are closely related to the public. However,there is a fatal problem in all existing application chains all existing application chains have a fatal problem-they cannot communicate credibly with the real world. The Oracle Network Protocol oracle is the tool that connects the application chain with external systems and promotes the real implementation of blockchain technology application scenarios.

Under the multiple requirements of the floating mid-air of the blockchain, the data cross-chain interaction of the oracle, and the application of the physical business scenario of the public chain, the PLUG R&D team is committed to building a high-performance public chain that can realize non-inductive interaction between blockchain and blockchain, blockchain and the real world. that is, Plug Chain.

Plug Chain is the name of the Cosmos SDK application of the Cosmos Hub. It has 1 main entry point:

-plugchaind daemon and command line interface (CLI). A full node running the plugchain application.

The plugchain is built on the Cosmos SDK using the following modules:

The following modules are built on the OracleNetworkProtocol repository:

  • x/prc10: token logic.