# Join the testnet

The testnet is now active, here are some important details:


Need to install plugchaind first

# public endpoint

# run a full node

# Running the node from genesis

  1. Initialize the node
plugchaind init <moniker> --chain-id=plugchain_521-1
  1. Download the genesis.json (opens new window) and seed information published by the testnet:

  2. Modify the configuration config.toml file, and add peers to the private_peer_ids assignment.

  3. Start the node service

# Start the node (you can also use nohup or systemd to run in the background)

# If you modify the service port configuration, you need to add parameters where the service is used:
# For example, modify the default tendermint rpc service: tcp://localhost:26657 => tcp://localhost:5000
# When cli is used, commands with `--node` parameter need to point to this parameter as --node=tcp://localhost:5000
# Example: plugchaind q account gx1tulwx2hwz4dv8te6cflhda64dn0984harlzegw --node tcp://localhost:5000

plugchaind start

# Browser && Faucet

http://test.plugchain.network/ (opens new window)

# Gxswap

bech32: gx14ewpfal7g758zjv0vu9sthcfllagnehh8s28np
eip55: 0xae5C14F7FE47a871498F670B05dF09fffa89e6F7

bech32: gx1anezwnqmssja3phgtz6rjmx5utkry3mptxh0qw
eip55: 0xecf2274c1B8425D886E858b4396cd4E2EC324761

bech32: gx1nqtlcdxd0yq5ydtqv95qguptpzx9cmpa8ga2r5
eip55: 0x9817fC34CD7901423560616804702b088C5C6C3D